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Richardson Named In Top 10 Disappointments Of 2016

Hopefully his last in a Jets uniform.

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

2016 hasn't been a good year for the Jets, in fact it's been a disaster. From the play of QB Fitzpatrick to the sharp decline of Darrelle Revis. From the in-game coaching of Todd Bowles to the lackluster game plans of Chan Gailey, you get the point. While I don't think Richardson has been the worst player on the Jets, I agree that he's been one of the biggest disappointments. His lack of production coupled with his continued off the field antics make him a headache, not worth the time or money the team would have to commit to him.

It really wasn't a surprise to see him listed as one of the top 10 disappointing players of 2016 by's Gil Brandt:

7) Sheldon Richardson, DE, New York Jets

By the numbers: 56 tackles, 1.5 sacks.

Richardson is a talented, athletic defender who has the size you want for a defensive lineman -- and he can run. But this year, with his sack total dipping from 5.0 in 2015 to 1.5 through 14 games, he seems to be going through the motions on a Jets team that dropped from 10 wins in 2015 to four this year. Richardson isn't the only disappointment in New York; at this point, the only member of the Jets' defensive line who seems to be pulling his weight is Leonard Williams. Still, Richardson can be good -- maybe if he's traded to a team that can motivate him again, he can be a factor once more.

It's hard to argue with any of that. The defensive line as a unit has underperformed in 2016, however Leonard Williams is the only high profile guy who can walk out of the building with his head held high.

I know that Sheldon was asked to play out of position at times in 2016, but even so, his effort and production hasn't been anywhere close to being worth what he is expected to ask for when his contract runs out. Unfortunately due to his lack of production and his off-field antics which includes a derogatory snapchat video filmed in the locker room just hours before the Jets got blown out by the Rival Dolphins, his trade value is at an all time low.

Reports suggested that the Jets were looking for a 1st round draft pick in exchange for Sheldon at the trade deadline, and turned down Dallas's offer of a 3rd round pick. Honestly, the Jets will be lucky to get a 4th when they try and move him in the off-season and it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't even get that.

Richardson is a good player, a talented player. However he thinks he's a lot better than he is, and he's one bonehead mistake away from being suspended for a whole year. That's a problem that we need to pass on to someone else, and to that we'll need to take a loss. I'm prepared to accept that so we can move on and concentrate on guys who deserve the fan support and the financial commitment of the team.