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Revis Talks Class & Contracts

The world laughs! 

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

It's been a tough year for the Jets, it's been a very tough year for Darrelle Revis. Once considered the premier shut down corner in the league, he's transformed into a JAG (just another guy). In fact, he's rated as one of the worst corners in the league and has been constantly beaten on short, intermediate and deep routes. People have questioned his effort with his coverage and his tackling, and he's making a boat load of money.

All this should add up to an easy decision for Mike Maccagnan. Revis is in the 2nd year of the five year $70 million contract he signed to return to the Jets, a contract that included $39 million in guarantees. With a $15 million cap hit in 2017, there is no way in hell the Jets will pay that, and if they decide to keep him at his current salary...then they all deserve to be fired.

Revis spoke about his contract stating:

"Would I love to be here? Yes," Revis said in a locker-room interview with the Post. "Will I be back? That's a great question. My thing would be this: Do the New York Jets want to treat my situation with class or no class? With me being one of the best players in the history of this franchise, do they want me to retire here or not retire here?"

I love Revis, I loved the player he was and it was an absolute privilege to watch him in his prime. However lets not forget that Revis has not exactly been a player willing to honour or show class when it comes to negotiating contracts.

He held out for 21 days in his rookie year while his agents negotiated a contract. He held out again prior to the 2010 season and missed pretty much all of training camp and the first four pre-season games. He threatened to hold out again in 2012 although on that occasion he showed up.

Whether he was right or wrong to hold out isn't really the point here. He thought that he was outperforming his contract, so he held out to get a better deal...despite the fact he'd signed the original deal. So now he is underperforming his contract, he wants to talk about class? Sorry Revis, despite what you've done for the Jets, you don't get to talk about class when it comes to contracts, it's business remember.

The Jets can't maintain Revis at his current salary just so he can retire a Jet. We have so many holes on this roster, it would be insane to tie up $15 million in cap space on an ineffective corner. I'm sure the Jets will look to rework his contract before a $2 million roster bonus comes into effect in early March, but if he is unwilling to negotiate, you may be seeing the last of Revis in Jets green this Sunday.