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This Is One Example of the Jets Coaching Staff's Refusal to Adapt

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You probably don't remember this play.

It came late in garbage time of the Jets' Week 3 loss in Kansas City. It was the kickoff after Ryan Fitzpatrick's fifth of six interceptions was returned for a touchdown by Derrick Johnson. It gave the Chiefs a three touchdown lead with under four minutes to play in the fourth quarter. There is a pretty good chance you had already turned the game off.

While this play will not live on in Jets lore, it is rather significant. Quincy Enunwa was the return man for the Jets. He broke a 54 yard kickoff return to give the Jets good field position.

It was the first kickoff he returned this season. It was also the last kickoff he returned this season.

Think about that. Think about the struggles the Jets have had in the return game. Their current return guy, Nick Marshall's long this season is 28 yards. Cordarrelle Patterson and Alex Erickson have a better average than 28 yards.

I'm not saying Enunwa would be a star return man. I'm not even saying he would definitely be an upgrade on Marshall. I'm saying I don't understand why the team didn't explore this option more when what they had wasn't working.

Couldn't they have given Enunwa more of a look? Send him out there for a few more returns to see whether this was something sustainable.

You can't really argue they didn't want to risk injury. They threw him out there for this return in garbage time of a three touchdown loss.

I think this issue is emblematic of some of the bigger problems we saw with the coaching staff this season. Whether it be with this issue, the refusal to give Bilal Powell a bigger workload, or any number of other things we've seen a coaching staff that too frequently won't go away from its preconceived notions even when presented with contrary evidence on the field.

It doesn't sound like the Jets are going to make wholesale changes to their staff. I personally don't think they should. Things need to get a lot better on this front, though. These are the types of things that need to be noted and acted upon.