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No Surprise: NFL Power Rankings Have Jets at Bottom of League

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New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The final set of NFL power rankings for the 2016 regular season are unsurprisingly unkind to the Jets.

SB Nation actually has them at the bottom of the league. Not that I want to get into a big argument about where on the bottom the Jets should be, but those rankings are ridiculous. How can the Jets be behind a Cleveland team it has 3 more wins than and a head to head victory or a San Francisco team it has 2 more wins than and a head to head victory?

SB Nation: 32

Washington Post: 27

Bryce Petty has joined Geno Smith on the IR list. Ryan Fitzpatrick is, well, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Is it unthinkable that the Jets actually would play rookie QB Christian Hackenberg in the finale?

USA Today: 30 29

Most analysts -- TV and radio -- say Todd Bowles is a solid football coach. Don't disagree, yet there can be no getting around the Jets' disappointing December, during which it appears that, in at least two games, the players quit competing (SEE: Colts in Week 13, Patriots in Week 16). Coaches should get an opportunity to work with players, implement their system and adjust their strategy based off the mistakes made during their stewardship. I feel that is at least a three-year process. Not sure Bowles will last that long, but if Gus Bradley lasted nearly four years ...

CBS Sports: 27

This is a dog team that showed all the signs of being quitters the past two weeks. Gross.