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Jets Week 16 Anti-Game Ball: The Whole Team

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Jets lost so we give out a holiday version of the anti-game ball.

It’s really getting tough to single out just one player week after week when the whole team keeps getting dominated and playing noncompetitive football.

This week I am going to break the rules as the rules of the anti-game ball were made to be broken. I am going to give the anti-game ball not to one player but to the entire team for this brutal performance.

The Jets were let down in all three phases. From the outset, the offensive line couldn’t block. Both quarterbacks made bad decisions and worse throws. Nick Folk missed a field goal he should have made. The defense couldn’t get a stop when it needed one, and Sheldon Richardson decided to throw stones from his glass house in his postgame comments.

This was a brutal effort from start to finish so the whole team gets my anti-game ball.