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Juston Burris' Snaps Go Down: Jets Defensive Snap Totals vs. Patriots

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Rookie Juston Burris was the number three cornerback for the Jets against New England. The rookie fourth rounder only got onto the field for 49% of Jets defensive snaps as Darrelle Revis and Buster Skrine stayed on the field for all but one snap apiece.

I have to question this decision a bit. Revis and Skrine have not played well enough to take a benching off the table. More than benching these guys, this is a chance to get Burris game reps. The Jets surely aren't going anywhere this season. Why give all the playing time to a corner who almost assuredly won't be on the team next season and another who might not be?

D Lee LB 75 100%
D Harris LB 75 100%
R Miles SS 74 99%
B Skrine CB 74 99%
D Revis CB 74 99%
L Williams DE 67 89%
J Jenkins LB 65 87%
M Wilkerson DE 64 85%
C Pryor SS 63 84%
S Richardson DT 51 68%
F Bishop LB 48 64%
J Burris CB 37 49%
D Simon NT 32 43%
D Middleton SS 19 25%
A Johnson DT 6 8%
R Martin SS 1 1%