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No Christmas Miracle: Patriots Destroy Jets 41-3

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The New York Jets fell to 4-11 today with a 41-3 loss to the New England Patriots.  The Jets never looked like they belonged on the same field as the Patriots, falling behind by double digits early and never really putting up a fight.  The pass defense couldn't put pressure on Tom Brady, and couldn't cover well enough without pressure on the quarterback. The Jets pass offense couldn't get anything done at all. The offense stunk, the defense stunk, special teams stunk.  It was a complete annihilation at the hands of perhaps the best team in the NFL.

This was the third worst loss against the Patriots in Jets history.  This is now three blowout losses in the last four games for the Jets, the last two coming at the hands of division rivals.  Only a second half comeback against the 49ers stands between the Jets and four consecutive blowout losses. The Jets look inept, lifeless and hopeless out there, outclassed not only by top teams like the Patriots but even by mediocre teams like the Colts.  Head coach Todd Bowles may need a victory in Buffalo in next week's season finale to stave off the calls to fire him.

The Jets are now 4-11 on the season. One more game and the season will mercifully come to a close.  Let’s talk about the good and the bad of today's game below.

The Good

Well this shouldn't take long.  In a 41-3 humiliation there isn't a lot of good to talk about.

Bilal Powell.  Powell continues to run hard and well.  He had 60 yards rushing and added 14 yards receiving.  Powell was the best player on the field for the Jets.

Juston Burris.  It wasn't all good for Burris. He gave up some receptions and had a costly holding penalty in the end zone to keep a Patriots drive alive. But Burris was in tight coverage for most of the afternoon and managed back to back pass breakups inside the five yard line in the first half.  In a day with few positives Burris showed he may be a legitimate NFL cornerback against an all time great quarterback.

Rontez Miles.  Miles was a tackling machine, registering 13 tackles on the day.  He wasn't great in coverage but on the whole he was a positive for the Jets.

The Bad

Where to begin?  Nearly every aspect of the team was terrible.  Let's start with the quarterbacks.

Bryce Petty.  Petty was under heavy pressure the short time he was in the game, but he made the least of his limited opportunities.  Zero for three passing, two sacks and an interception before getting injured. Petty literally did not make a positive play in the game. This was an ugly performance in limited action.

Ryan Fitzpatrick.  8 for 21, 136 yards, two interceptions, a 21 passer rating.  Another in a long line of ugly performances for Fitzpatrick.

The Offensive Line.  Perhaps we should be grading on a curve here, as four of the five offensive linemen were backups, but the line allowed heavy pressure all day on the quarterbacks.  Perhaps symbolic of the day the offensive line had was a false start penalty literally called on "everyone except the center."  Ugh.

Doug Middleton.  Again, perhaps we should grade on a curve for a guy who spent the season on the practice squad, but Middleton was a weak link in an already weak secondary, beaten regularly in coverage.  Tough assignment against Brady, but Middleton was awful.

The Receivers.  The Jets top three receivers combined for three catches and 58 yards. That's not getting it done.  Quincy Enunwa let a tough catch go through his hands for an interception.  Robby Anderson was shut out on the day.  Charone Peake and Devin Smith had costly drops go through their hands, both of which could have been touchdowns. It was a very ugly day for Jets receivers.

The Pass Rush.  Most of the day Tom Brady had all day to sit back and throw without pressure. Muhammad Wilkerson got a meaningless sack late in the game, but when you give Brady five and six seconds to throw nearly every play there is no way the Jets depleted secondary is going to hold their coverages.  Another bad day at the office for the Jets pass rush.

Nick Folk.  A missed chip shot field goal by Folk. Not good.

Nick Marshall. Terrible returns on kickoffs. A fair catch on a punt where no defensive player was within five yards of Marshall. Nick Marshall might be the worst return man in the NFL.

The Coaches.  When the team is completely outclassed on offense, defense and special teams the coaches have not had a good day.  Sure, it came against perhaps the best team in football,  but 41-3?  I could live with a hard fought 31-17 type loss, where the Jets lesser talent just couldn't keep up but fought gamely. There was no fight in this game whatsoever.  And though it meant nothing in the end, a field goal try down 41-0 with under seven minutes to play just isn't a good look.  The coaching staff cannot be sleeping easily after the Jets third blowout loss in four games.

I could probably go on, but perhaps we should stop here.  There just was so much bad about this game.

Merry Christmas everybody.  The best thing that can be said about this game is that it is over.