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Jets vs. Patriots Preview

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For teams like the Patriots, Week 16 is about tuning up for the Playoffs and working to get the best seed possible. For teams like the Jets, Week 16 is about getting young players some experience and working to get some consolation in a lost season.

The Jets and the Pats renew their rivalry tomorrow. To preview the game, our podcast was joined by Chris Simoneau, who covers the Patriots for Chris also hosts the Locked on Patriots podcast. We got together to record a crossover episode. I talk about the struggles of the Jets, with which you are likely well-acquainted, and Chris discusses the season the Pats are having. We also go into some of the things to watch in this game. For his part, Chris is very sympathetic about the season the Jets are having.

The podcast is Locked on Jets, and you can subscribe to it on iTunes and Audioboom.