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Bryce Petty to Start for Jets Against Patriots

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

After being knocked out of the Week 15 game against the Miami Dolphins, Todd Bowles announced quarterback Bryce Petty will start on Saturday against the New England Patriots.

On if Bryce Petty practiced full…

Petty was full.

On if Petty will play on Saturday…

Yes, he’s full.

The plan was for the Jets to give Petty all of the starts after they were eliminated from postseason contention. This news eliminates a potentially interesting decision the team might have had to make. If the goal is to develop players, would Christian Hackenberg have started in the event Petty was unable to go? Were the Jets so committed to keeping Hackenberg off the field as a rookie that they would go back once again to Ryan Fitzpatrick?

We will never know. Petty will be back in the lineup on Saturday. Since he practiced fully, it sounds like the injury will not be a factor in his performance.