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Todd Bowles: Bryce Petty “Should Be Fine”

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Todd Bowles wasn’t ready to commit to Bryce Petty starting for the Jets in Saturday’s game against New England, but the head coach does sound optimistic.

On how Bryce Petty is feeling…

He’s feeling a lot better.

On Petty’s status for Saturday…

It’s early in the week but if he continues to get better, he should be fine.

On if Petty practiced fully…

You guys will get an injury report tomorrow, but he did throw the ball.

On if Petty is experiencing any side effects from the hit he took on Saturday…

Not yet. I don’t think there will be side effects unless you get hit again. Right now, it’s early, so, we’ll see how he recovers and go from there.

I can’t say watching Petty is a very exciting experience at this point in time, but watching how an inexperienced quarterback progresses is at least something to keep your interest. It beats the heck out of watching more Ryan Fitzpatrick.