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Eric Tomlinson Gets Work at Tight End for Jets: Offensive Snap Totals vs. Dolphins

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few notable developments for the Jets in their last game in terms of offensive snap totals. Brandon Shell stepped into a starting role. Bilal Powell seemed to only come off the field for Matt Forte when he needed a rest. It might be more under the radar, but Eric Tomlinson got as many snaps at tight end as Austin Serfarian-Jenkins. Perhaps Tomlinson will get more of a look as the season winds down.

Full offensive snap totals for the Jets in their Saturday loss to the Dolphins are below.

J Carpenter G 76 100%
B Ijalana T 76 100%
W Johnson C 76 100%
B Shell T 76 100%
B Marshall WR 73 96%
R Anderson WR 71 93%
Q Enunwa WR 67 88%
B Powell RB 64 84%
B Winters G 62 82%
B Petty QB 58 76%
C Peake WR 25 33%
D Dozier G 25 33%
E Tomlinson TE 23 30%
A Seferian-Jenkins TE 23 30%
R Fitzpatrick QB 18 24%
M Forte RB 13 17%
B Bostick TE 7 9%
C Watts G 2 3%
B Wilds RB 1 1%