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How Badly Do the Jets Want to Avoid Playing Christian Hackenberg?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Petty's injury in Saturday night's loss to the Dolphins has his status for this Saturday's game against the Patriots as unclear. What will happen if Petty cannot go? We might find out how badly the Jets do not want to play Christian Hackenberg this season.

This is one of the topics of today's podcast. I also discuss why Sheldon Richardson's poor play has damaged his value to the point where it might not make sense to trade him. Then I talk about the way teams value Draft picks and how the smart teams are the ones that view the big picture. Viewing the big picture does have something to do with knowing you will be around in the big picture, however. I will elaborate. Finally I say a few words in defense of a coach on the Jets who has been subject to some criticism.

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