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Surging Mr. Anderson

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Robby Anderson is on a roll.  Among all rookie wide receivers Robby currently ranks tied for 6th with 464 receiving yards. Pretty good for an undrafted rookie, right?  Wait. It gets better.

Over the last eight games Mr. Anderson ranks 3rd among all rookie wide receivers with 408 yards receiving, behind only New Orleans Saints phenom Michael Thomas and Kansas City Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill.  That's on pace for an 800+ yard season prorated over a 16 game season.  Very nice.  It gets better.

Over the last four games Mr. Anderson has 263 receiving yards.  That's on pace for a 1052 yards season if prorated over a full 16 game schedule. Now we're talking.  You know what else that latest four game surge by Mr. Anderson makes him?  It makes him the NFL's leading rookie wide receiver over the last four games.   More yards than Tyreek Hill over the last four games. More than Michael Thomas.  More than anyone.

Mr. Anderson.  Maybe we should start calling him Neo.