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Juston Burris Tries a Starting Role on for Size: Jets Defensive Snap Totals vs. 49ers

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In what might be a sign of the Jets moving into development mode, Juston Burris, the rookie fourth round cornerback, stepped into a starting role in yesterday's win over the San Francisco 49ers. Burris played 50 defensive snaps, fifth most on that side of the ball and second at the cornerback position to Darrelle Revis after only seeing special teams snaps against the Colts.

Full defensive snap totals for the Jets are below.

D Harris LB 57 100%
D Revis CB 57 100%
C Pryor SS 55 96%
L Williams DE 55 96%
D Lee LB 53 93%
J Burris CB 50 88%
M Wilkerson DE 40 70%
S Richardson DT 39 68%
J Jenkins LB 38 67%
F Bishop LB 34 60%
M Williams CB 32 56%
M Gilchrist FS 30 53%
R Miles SS 20 35%
D Simon NT 19 33%
B Skrine CB 17 30%
D Middleton SS 13 23%
M Catapano LB 11 19%
B Carter LB 4 7%
A Johnson DT 3 5%