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Plane Crazy: Repping a Losing Team

Are you still rocking Jets gear even with this disaster for Gang Green's season? You must be.. plane crazy!

Norm Hall/Getty Images

I commute to work everyday from New Jersey to New York and back. I have to take a bus, then the PATH train across the Hudson, and then the MTA subway. I see a lot of people on my way, and surprisingly, I am still noticing plenty of people wearing their Jets gear - in public!

One of these people that I see everyday is my wife. Her co-workers implore her to take off her Jets hat constantly, and she gets comments from random people like, "It must be tough putting that on, huh?" She simply shrugs and says it keeps her warm. (My son also wears his Jets beanie and scarf, but he doesn't have much choice.)

As for me, people see me in my Jets jacket or the Jets license plate on my car, and they give me that look - you know that look, we all know that look - and they say to me, "You're a Jets fan, huh?" in that tone that we all know. You know that tone. We all know that tone.

It can be pretty tough, and I posted the question on Twitter to gauge the feeling from the followers there. Here are some of their responses:

Those are just a few of the stubbornly loyal fans. But now we have a dissenter among us: is not the team site though. But most of the Gang Green Gangsters go on in green & white:

And finally, pictures are worth a thousand words:

Enunwa darn business!:

Props to those of you reppin' the team!

Props. Get it? As in propellers.

Oh, and don't forget about this guy:

I must say, you all are... plane crazy!!!