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GGN Film Review vs Pats

Revis gets burned twice, while Fitz does something positive.

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Let’s do this.

Jets got on the board first with a really simple audible. It’s the old QB and WR run an audible and everyone else runs the normal play. And guess what? It worked.

Jets line up with Brandon Marshall flared out to the right side but otherwise the heavy package in. It’s a simple communication between QB and WR that sets up the play.

There’s no one other than the man directly on Marshall within 15 yards so the options are numerous. Do you do a quick slant, fade to the back of the endzone or the Ryan Fitzpatrick special?

It’s earned that nickname from me. A back shoulder throw that’s purposely under thrown works (for once) and the Jets jumped out to a lead.

I’m not sure if Fitzpatrick has issues throwing long or just seems to love that underthrown pass. I think I’ve seen 2-3 every game where a fade/fly could have been sprung, but instead went for 20-30 yards or a interception.

Darrelle Revis is getting toasted on the regular. Here, he favors the outside but doesn’t have the speed anymore to get across the endzone to make the play. Simply put, either he gets jammed and beat or gets beat by default. This is the latter. For the record, that’s not the worst part of this play. I repeat Revis getting burned is not the worst thing I saw on tape.

The Patriots line up with 2 WR in a singles tight formation, with two running backs and a tight end. The Patriots fake the Jet sweep and run a simple crossing concept. The tight end runs a delay route across the middle as well.

Revis gets beat to the inside and is pretty much dead and gone when the ball is snapped. Here comes the sad part... two men yet again cover one guy (not even that well) and the TE is left wide open. I know we all get on Revis, but just as concerning if not more is the fact that the Jets continually blow assignments left and right. Calvin Pryor ends up playing in no man’s land and I wonder if someone had zone responsibility on that far side.

We all know about the fumble, but look at the tight end. There’s literally no one around him. I know Revis got beat deep and that’s where the pass went but the easier option was short where the TE walks into the endzone. Somehow Tom Brady missed that.

The sideline route has a chance to get open, the TE is wide open, and Darrelle Revis is beat.

That’s just pathetic defense, and when you consider the fumble, it’s even worse. No pass rush, men getting open, and a cornerback getting beat, that sums up the season doesn’t it?

The Jets get one back with a really nice read and a better catch by Quincy Enunwa. The Pats played a very conservative defense and got toasted for it.

The Jets lined up with singles to each side, a tight end and two backs. Enunwa runs a fly route, Brandon Marshall gives up on his route 10 yards downfield, the TE runs the seam route and the other TE/FB runs what I think is a circle route of sorts.

The Pats play cover 4, designed to stop the deep pass. With the TE running the seam and Marshall on the far side keeping that safety honest, Enunwa is one on one with a corner. It’s a good read to go to the one on one route as everything else will be double covered.

I don’t need to mention how great of a catch it was. Sometimes you have to let your WR make a play. Enunwa did that here. I think sometimes less is more when describing a play. This is a case where Fitz just trusted his man to get the pass. Somehow Q did.

Finally, it’s Revis in Revis coverage. Basically playing off trying to not allow a big play deep. Instead the WR beat him on the out route. How the mighty have fallen this year.

The Pats have 4 WR, two in tight formation to the left running a rub out concept, with a seam route over the middle and a deep in route.

I believe it’s a zone scheme with Revis deep. Revis doesn’t react well to the underneath out route favoring a deep route. It’s cover three so he does have deep, but he has to react better to this out route.

Instead it’s pretty easy pitch and catch.

The Patriots won the game on that play. Not much more to say about the play or Revis on that one. It’s as ugly as I thought it would be.