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What’s The Plan?

When will the Jets give Bryce Petty the start, when will the team show discipline and will Todd Bowles figure it out? This team has a lot of decisions to make.

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets schedule did them no favors early in the year, but also has this conundrum: Do you start Bryce Petty after the bye even if the first game is against New England or wait a week to give him a softer opponent? I think there's a ton of factors at play, but the one that should not be as big of an issue is what Ryan Fitzpatrick does.

Along those lines, the same week the Jets had two players disciplined for missing or being late to meetings, they had their most undisciplined game yet, taking a ton of penalties including two personal fouls. What does this say about the Jets?

Last but not least, the Todd Bowles hot seat watch is now once again a thing. Bowles continues to be a topic of whether he's the primary issue or just a large part of the problem.

I’ll talk about these topics on the locked on Jets podcast.