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Final Score: Dolphins 27, Jets 23

The New York Jets lose to the Miami Dolphins in Miami.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets lost to the Miami Dolphins 27-23 in a hard fought game in Miami today.  Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn't very good, but he was just good enough when given a gift by the Dolphins' punter who fumbled the ball deep in Dolphins territory.  Fitzpatrick hit much maligned rookie receiver Jalin Marshall on an 18 yard touchdown pass to take the lead with less than six minutes to play.  After an Antonio Allen offsides penalty on the ensuing kickoff, on the re-kick the Dolphins returned the ball for a touchdown to retake the lead.  The Jets went three and out on their next possession and never regained the lead.

In the end it was a tough divisional road loss against a Dolphins team the Jets typically beat in Miami.

Celebrate or mourn below, depending on your tanking views. Podcast and written recaps will come later.