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NY Jets Stat Of The Week

It's always nice to be in Miami.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are a storied NFL Franchise.  The Dolphins have the only undefeated season in NFL history.  In that season they were a bizarre blocked field goal turned into a kicker passing attempt turned into a fumble recovery for a touchdown away from pitching the only shutout in Super Bowl history.  They have two Hall Of Fame Quarterbacks.  The Dolphins in 50+ NFL seasons are nearly 100 games above .500.  This has been a very good NFL franchise over the years.

The Dolphins have been so good that among teams with 10 or more games against them, only two NFL teams have a winning record against them.  One of those teams, with a record of 12-11 against the Dolphins, is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The other team brings us to the Stat of the Week.

The New York Jets have the only other winning record among teams with ten or more games played against the Dolphins.  In 100 games against the Dolphins, the Jets (here it is, the Stat of the Week!) have a 53-46-1 record against the Dolphins.  That makes the Jets the team with by far the most wins against the Dolphins; only the Patriots are within 10 wins of the Jets.  It also makes the Jets the team with the highest winning percentage of any team with 10 or more games against the Dolphins.

Just to provide a little more color for Sunday's game in Miami, in the last 10 years the Jets have gone 8-2 against the Dolphins in south Florida.  The Jets also have a 6-4 record against their aquatic mammalian brothers over the last five years, and a 12-8 record against them over the last ten years.  Ain't it fun to dominate a rival every which way and 8 times on Sundays in Miami?

None of these fun stats will mean a thing on Sunday of course. Those were different teams with different players and different coaches in different seasons.  On Sunday both teams come into the game struggling just to achieve a .500 record.  There are no guarantees how Sunday's game will turn out. The fishy whales from the bottom of the nation may well emerge victorious. But it's kinda fun to recall that, even if they do, they'll still be years away at best from just pulling even with their most hated rival.  So here's to you fans of the Fins.  Your team has made Jets fans lives so much richer just by showing up for your numerous beatdowns at the hands of your favorite neighbors from the North.  It's been a privilege and an honor dominating such a storied rival. May the tradition only grow stronger for the next 100 games.