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NY Jets: Simply Unwatchable

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I am a staff member of Gang Green Nation.  As such I am obligated to watch and write about the remaining games on the New York Jets schedule.  If I were not so obligated I'm not sure if I would continue to consume the product the Jets are producing this year.

The season is lost; not even Todd Bowles can continue to deny that.  Yet he continues to play horribly underperforming veterans like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Darrelle Revis and Muhammad Wilkerson nearly 100% of the snaps.  I understand Bowles is thinking of his own future and he may feel he has to win some games or face the axe.  I understand, but I don't care.  I understand that the young backups may well be even worse than the horrible efforts we are seeing on a weekly basis from the likes of Revis, Fitzpatrick, Gilchrist, Giacomini and Wilkerson.  I understand, but I don't care.

In a lost season with zero hopes of a playoff  berth the time comes when veterans who aren't producing must give way to young players. I understand those young players will likely stink up the joint even more. I don't care.

From a fan's perspective you root for the team to win, until all hope is lost.  All hope is now lost. It is time.  The time has come for Jets fans to get a look at the young players who may well stink, but at least offer some hope for the future, even if it is only fool's gold.  Watching a team go through the motions, with players who are unwilling or unable to put forth a decent professional perfomance on the field, is not something worthy of a fan's time and devotion.  Watching the young players who  may be even worse is worth watching, if only for perhaps delusional hopes that some will develop into next year's worthy successors.  I prefer my happy delusions to the harsh reality staring me in the face on the football field each Sunday.

It is time for the switch.  It is time to see the young guys.  It is time to give duds like Wilkerson, Revis, Fitzpatrick, Gilchrist, and Giacomini nice comfortable front row seats to the action, watching players who actually might want to give the effort and actually might present some unexpected hope for the future.  It is time for those underperforming players to take a seat and watch the unwatchable along with us fans.  If the Jets can't see this, why should the fans care to see the Jets?