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NY Jets: The Butt Tumble

Enunwa happened, butt Ryan Fitzed that trick.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Almost exactly four years after the infamous buttfumble game, the New York Jets scored a touchdown on a Quincy Enunwa butt tumble.  With the ball on the 22 yard line, a little more than 10 minutes left in the game and the Jets trailing the New England Patriots 13-10, Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick lofted a throw high in the end zone targeted for a tightly covered Quincy Enunwa.  The coverage was as good as it could be, the pass was on target, and Enunwa made a tremendous athletic play.  He leaped high into the air, over the outstretched arms of the Patriots defensive back draped all over Enunwa in the end zone.  High pointing the ball perfectly, Enunwa stretched as high as he could go, pulled in the ball with both hands, and tumbled into the end zone.

But was Enunwa in bounds?  The initial ruling on the play was that Enunwa got only one foot in bounds and therefore it was an incomplete pass.  However, on further review Enunwa's butt tumbled into the end zone before his second foot landed out of bounds. By rule that is a catch, and the Jets had a butt tumble touchdown and a 17-13 lead in the game.  If life was fair and the fates didn't hate the Jets the game would have ended with a 17-13 Jets win secured by Quincy Enunwa's butt tumble.  Heck, the butt tumble touchdown even came against Patriots defensive back Malcolm BUTler.  Alas, life isn't fair, the Jets can't have nice things, and Enunwa's butt tumble touchdown will probably soon be forgotten as a footnote to another dismal Jets loss in another dismal Jets season. Still, for one glorious moment Quincy's butt almost made Jets fans forget that other backside play involving the Patriots. Almost, butt not quite; a tragicomedy and the story of the Jets franchise.