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Final Score: Patriots 22, Jets 17

Jets lose again.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets lost to the New England Patriots 22-17 in a hard fought game in East Rutherford today.  Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's return to the starting lineup went reasonably well early, as the Jets racked up 10 points on their first three possessions.  Unfortunately the Jets offense was largely shut down the rest of the way, failing to score at all from the first play of the 2nd quarter all the way to the 10:17 mark of the 4th quarter.  The Jets went into the half tied 10-10 despite dominating much of the first half action.

The Jets defense may have played their best game all season, holding the Patriots' vaunted offense in check for most of the game, allowing only 13 points until halfway through the 4th quarter.   Unfortunately Fitzpatrick and the Jets offense were shut down in the middle portion of the game, leaving the Jets with a tenuous 17-13 lead against the Pats deep into the 4th quarter.  After the Patriots drove for a field goal at the 7:02 mark of the 4th quarter to pull within one point at 17-16, the Jets offense took over at the 11 yard line with a chance to put together a game icing drive.  One long scoring drive and the Jets would win the game.  Alas, it was not to be.

An intentional grounding penalty on Fitzpatrick followed by a crucial third down dropped pass by Bilal Powell forced the Jets to punt the ball back to the Patriots with about five minutes to play.  The Jets could still win by holding the Patriots scoreless here, but giving Tom Brady the ball with five minutes and down only one point is not a recipe for success.

Brady and the Patriots promptly drove the length of the field for a touchdown.  The touchdown came on yet another instance of Darrelle Revis getting burned, the second touchdown pass given up by Revis to Patriots rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell on the day.  The Patriots missed the two point conversion, leaving the Jets offense one last chance to put together a game winning touchdown drive. Emblematic of the entire Jets season Ryan Fitzpatrick turned the ball over on a strip sack and the Jets dropped a tough game to the Patriots.

The Jets are now 3-8 on the season.  Celebrate or mourn below, depending on your views on tanking. Podcast and written recaps will come later.