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NFL Playoff Picture: Jets Four Games Out of Last Spot With Six to Play

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s win by the Oakland Raiders had impact on the AFC Playoff picture. Oakland remains in the top spot in the AFC as the season enters the home stretch. After their loss, the Texans are in the third spot in the AFC leading the AFC South by a single game over the Indianapolis Colts.

The Jets find themselves mathematically alive at 3-7, but their prospects are bleak after the bye. They are 4 full games out of the sixth seed, the AFC’s final Playoff spot, with only 6 to play. Denver currently holds that final spot. The Jets would have to jump 8 teams to get there.

The current up to date AFC standings are below.

  1. Oakland 8-2
  2. New England 8-2.
  3. Houston 6-4
  4. Baltimore 5-5
  5. Kansas City 7-3
  6. Denver 7-3
  7. Miami 6-4
  8. Pittsburgh 5-5
  9. Indianapolis 5-5
  10. Buffalo 5-5
  11. Tennessee 5-6
  12. San Diego 4-6
  13. Cincinnati 3-6-1
  14. Jets 3-7
  15. Jacksonville 2-8
  16. Cleveland 0-11