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Plane Crazy: Why Do You Like the New York Jets?

How did you turn into a New York Jets fan, and why have you stuck with Gang Green all this time?

Houston Texans v New York Jets Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

As we wrap up the bye week, we continue our tradition of discussing how we came to be fans of the New York Jets. It’s always interesting to read about the diverse reasons as to how we all became athletic supporters of Gang Green. Some simply liked the team colors of kelly green or hunter green, some followed a favorite college athlete’s career, and some are only fascinated with flying machines and namesake sports teams.

As for me, many of you already know. Back in 1993, I was watching the news, and a profile on Boomer Esiason, telling about his son dealing with cystic fibrosis. He seemed like a nice guy, and I immediately rooted for him. Not long after, I was channel surfing and the Jets game happened to be on. It was the first full football game I watched, and I have been a Jets fan ever since.

I’ve liked other teams in that time - the Chicago Bulls, the Houston Rockets, and the New York Yankees, to name a few - but I never remained loyal to them, while I stayed true to the Jets. When Michael Jordan retired, I stopped following the Bulls. When MJ came back, I stopped following the Rockets. When David Wells was traded, I switched from the Bronx Bombers to Mike Piazza and the New York Mets.

Meanwhile, I’m not really an Esiason fan, per se. Other players have come and gone. I have endured a 1-15 season, some embarrassing big name splash signings and a certain Thanksgiving Day play that cannot be named. I’ve gone through some perplexing coaching moves and an ownership change. Yet, I still root for the team to this day.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe you can help me answer that. Especially for the Super Bowl III old timers out there, why have you stuck with the team this long? As we are facing yet another losing season this year, what will it take for you to take your fandom elsewhere?