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MNF: Texans vs Raiders Game Thread

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Monday Night Football, week 11. Tonight we have an interesting game which might not have looked that interesting at the start of the season. In an AFC battle of first place teams, the 6-3 Houston Texans and the 7-2 Oakland Raiders travel to Mexico City in the first ever Monday Night Football game held outside of the United States.

The Houston Texans come into the game with a bad quarterback, one of the best pass defenses in the NFL, and one of the best running offenses in the NFL. Sounds a lot like the early Rex years, right?

The Texans are facing an Oakland Raiders team led by one of the dynamic young quarterback stars in the game, Derek Carr. The Raiders have one of the NFL's best offenses and one of the worst defenses. They can score on anybody, but they're not so good at the whole stopping the opponent from scoring thing.

This game shapes up as a classic excellent offense against excellent defense game. Can the Raiders continue to pile up the points against the top Houston defense, or will the Texans' defense rule the day? With both teams still within a whisker of the number one overall seed in the AFC this game comes loaded with playoff ramifications. A nice, intriguing game for the NFL prime time lineup.

Enjoy the game everybody. Discuss the game here. The usual rules apply. Do not ask for links to illegal broadcasts of games. Do not provide them either.