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Jets Mailbag: Is the Team Cursed?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Thursdays on our podcast are reserved for your mailbag questions. Thanks to all of you who submitted questions in our comments post or sent them to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

On today's show we tackle topics including whether the Jets were cursed by their greatest player, the barren roster this regime inherited from its predecessor, whether fan pressure is the reason the team gave Muhammad Wilkerson a new contract, and the degree to which the owner of the team influences important decisions. Then the show ends with some predictions for the upcoming weekend of NFL action. We hope you will tune in and listen.

The podcast is called Locked On Jets. You can listen to the show here on GGN, but you can also subscribe to it on iTunes and Audioboom and listen on your mobile device. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe to it and give it good reviews.