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Who Is the Biggest Pleasant Surprise for the Jets at the Bye?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the bye for the Jets in the 2016 season. While we are past the halfway point of the season, this is a good time to evaluate how things have looked for the team. Let’s start with the positive. In a disappointing year, who are some of the bright spots for the team?

Quincy Enunwa: Enunwa was quietly an effective part of the offense as a blocker in 2015, but he has emerged as a weapon in the passing game in 2016. Heading into the season, all he needed to do was to become a functional receiver to have value for this team, but he is on his way to an 80 catch/900 yard type of year lining up all over the place and creating mismatches. He is still blocking as well.

Leonard Williams: Maybe we are stretching the word “surprise” to describe Williams as one considering how highly touted he was. He is, however, the only part of the Jets’ vaunted defensive line who has played up to expectations. He has been tough to move in the run game and could reach the double digit plateau in sacks.

Brian Winters: After three disappointing years, Winters might have put it together. He has been a fairly consistent guard on an offensive line that is less than stellar. His progress will present the Jets with an interesting dilemma at the end of the season. Do they expect the free agent to be to continue to grow, or do they view this success as something of an aberration?