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Final Score: Rams 9, Jets 6

Another day, another loss for the Jets.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets lost to the Los Angeles Rams 9-6 in a hard fought game in East Rutherford today. In quarterback Bryce Petty's first NFL start, the Jets offensive line held up fairly well against a tough Rams defensive front, but the Jets could not get any offense going in the second half.

Bryce Petty was adequate in a game in which the Jets did not ask him to do too much. The Jets seemed to go ultra-conservative in the second half, trying to just avoid mistakes. Petty threw an interception in the last two minutes of the game to seal the loss for the Jets. In what is becoming a weekly ritual, Darrelle Revis was targeted early and often, and the Rams enjoyed great success going after him.

Robby Anderson continued his rapid development into a legitimate NFL weapon.

In the end it was a home loss against a struggling opponent.

Celebrate or mourn below, depending on your views on tanking. Podcast and written recaps will come later.