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As Things Stand, Who Should The Jets Draft In The 2017 NFL Draft?

We're looking at where we stand in terms of draft position, and the options available to the New York Jets.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The season is not lost. Let me just repeat that, the season is not lost. I know it doesn’t look good, we’re 1-3 and we’re set to face the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Not only that, we don’t look like a very good football team. The QB is throwing picks, the secondary look like they’ve forgotten how to cover, and the offensive line looks like it’s about to break at any moment. However it’s not time to give up just yet, so please don’t read this as a submission.

However, I’m focusing in on the 2017 NFL draft. As we currently stand the Jets are tied with a number of teams for the 4th overall selection. I don’t expect us to have a top 5 selection come the end of the year, but this is going to be a rolling series which focuses on where we are today. And as of today, we have the 4th overall pick (obviously there are a number of tie breakers that would come into effect, but it’s far too early to look at that).

This got me thinking about top five prospects and if we were in that position, who would we select? Would we select a QB even after taking Hackenberg last year? Absolutely, if you think there is a franchise guy there, nothing should stop you from taking him. There are three players in my mind that could come into the conversation as a top five quarterback. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame and Miami’s Brad Kaaya.

Are any of those guys sure-fire franchise quarterbacks? Personally I don’t think so. All of them have exceptional talent, but all of them have aspects of their game that they’ll need to work on. Watson needs to continue improving his field vision and progressing through his reads. Kizer needs to make better decisions and play with more anticipation and Kaaya needs to improve considerably when pressured by defensive units.

Saying all of this, if one of them was available...would you take them with the 4th overall selection?

We could do with getting better in the secondary. Pryor really isn’t performing right now but I expect him to get back up to speed. However with an ageing Revis, would you be tempted by someone like Marlon Humphrey? Or would the history of Alabama defensive back failures put you off. How about Jalen Tabor? A stand-out defensive back from Florida and likely top 10 selection.

The Jets need help on the offensive line, but you don’t take an offensive guard in the first round, it doesn’t matter how good Dan Feeney from Indiana or Billy Price from Ohio State look.

Personally I would be tempted with Cam Robinson, the offensive tackle from Alabama. There could be some character concerns with Cam, but there is no doubting his on-field ability. The Jets may have found a good solution at LT if Clady can stay healthy, but Breno Giacomini continues to underwhelm at right tackle and Robinson could slot in nicely here from day one.

So I’m asking you Jets fans. If we had the 4th overall selection like we do right now (tie-breakers not withstanding) who would you select?