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Jets Mailbag: Is Ryan Fitzpatrick on the Verge of Being Benched?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It is Thursday. That means it is Mailbag Thursday on our podcast. I answer the questions that were submitted to us on the site and through our social media channels.

Listen as I discuss a potential quarterback change for the Jets, whether there is a quarterback available in the Draft for whom the Jets should target for a big trade up, the possibility of a change in roles for Darrelle Revis, where inactive players view the game, and more. Then I make some NFL picks for this Week 5. If you throw out Week 3, I'm doing pretty well on my picks. If you don't throw out my worst week just because I'm asking you to do so, I'm doing a pretty mediocre job with my picks.

This is a daily podcast. It is called Locked on Jets. You can listen to it Monday through Friday, here, on iTunes, and on Audioboom. Please listen, subscribe, and give it good ratings.