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Here Are This Week’s Odds for the Jets

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New York Jets William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Every week, Five Thirty Eight provides NFL odds.

This week, they say the Steelers have a 75% chance of defeating the Jets based on their forecasting methodology. Some people might view that as extremely generous to the Jets, but realize they also give the Patriots am 75% chance of beating the Browns in Tom Brady’s return. Pittsburgh is a substantial favorite in this game.

They say the Jets currently have a 19% chance of making the Playoffs and a 13% chance of winning the division.

As far as the importance of this week’s game by the numbers, the average 2-3 team in the NFL finishes the season with 7.1 wins and has a 22% chance of making the Playoffs. Meanwhile, the average 1-4 team finishes the season with 5.5 wins and makes the Playoffs 6% of the time. So this game likely will determine whether the Jets are on the path to have a slim hope of salvaging the season or no hope.