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Jets vs. Seahawks: Reactions After Watching the Film

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's effort against Seattle was not the Jets' finest hour. Nick (sp0rtsfan86) and I have braved the film and taken a second look at many of the key points of the loss.

That is the topic of today's podcast. We look back at some of the breakdowns on defense, the issues with the secondary and safeties in particular, and then go to the continuing problems this team is getting at quarterback with Ryan Fitzpatrick's erratic passing. We also share stories of Stephen Hill, high school football, and high school chemistry along with how these things relate to the current situation the Jets find themselves in.

The podcast is called Locked on Jets. It airs Monday through Friday. You can access it here, but you also can listen by subscribing on either iTunes or Audioboom. If you would be so inclined, you also could give the show a positive review and rating.