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NY Jets Stat Projections at the Quarter Pole

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

We are at the one quarter mark of the season. That means it is easy to project stats to an entire season. You can just multiply each stat by four.

To be clear, projecting a player's stats in such a way does not necessarily mean he will continue on that pace. It was obvious that Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to throw 40 interceptions this season if for no other reason than he will be benched long before he hits that total. It should only be used to get a general idea of how each player has performed through four games.


Completions Attempts Yards Yards/Attempt Touchdowns Interceptions Rating
Fitzpatrick 344 616 4048 6.6 16 40 57.6

The numbers look as ghastly as the performance on the field. Again, Fitzpatrick is probably going to improve some. He isn't this bad. He wouldn't have lasted this long if he was this bad. I'm not sure it will be enough to save him from a benching, though. This is a horrendous start to the season.


Attempts Yards Yards/Attempt TD
Forte 324 1152 3.6 12
Powell 52 396 7.6 0

Forte's average took a hit with a rough game against Seattle. That's the other thing about these projections. One really good or really bad game can swing things quite a bit. Overall he has been productive, but the coaching staff has not been wise in its use of him. An aging back should not be getting this kind of workload.


Receptions Yards TD
Enunwa 92 972 4
Marshall 64 996 4
Powell 60 412 0
Forte 44 332 0
Decker 36 776 8

This is what Quincy Enunwa's fast start means over the course of an entire season. It isn't bad. Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall's production has been down quite a bit through the first four weeks. Maybe it's the knee. Maybe it's the quarterback. It is likely a combination. We also could not expect Marshall to maintain the numbers he had for a year ago, although you had to hope the drop would not be so steep. Decker's injury has to make you a little concerned this just might turn into a lost year for him.


L. Williams 16
McLendon 8
Wilkerson 6
Mauldin 6
Richardson 2
Lee 2

Williams' numbers don't look like a fluke. He has only been shutout once in the sack department in four games. McLendon's probably are. He had a pair against Cincinnati and nothing else. He entered 2016 with only five career sacks in six seasons. Sacks aren't everything, but Wilkerson's production does seem to be down this season a bit.


Lee 96
Harris 76
Gilchrist 72
Revis 64
Wilkerson 64
M. Williams 60
L. Williams 60
Pryor 56

There are some points where Lee looks like a rookie, but he definitely is showing promise on the film. He is also leading the team in tackles despite not playing full-time.