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Are The Jets A Top 20 Team?

Jets beat the Bills and Ravens, but also lost to the Cards and Bengals. Is the team really bad, bad or middle of the pack?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Jets are in an interesting position. Going forward they have games against the Rams, Bills, Dolphins, and Colts. Of those, most are toss ups as to who will win. While it’s tough to say the Jets are anything more than a bad team beating worse teams this year, the next few weeks will be vital.

Also the next few weeks will be interesting to see what Revis can do going forward. The last two weeks he looked like he wasn’t a liability, but that all changed against the Browns. It’s really put up or shut up time for Revis, if he wants to stay a Jets player next season.

I tackle those topics and more in today’s Locked on Jets podcast. If you haven’t give us a listen yet: don’t forget to like, subscribe, and give us good ratings.