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Jets vs Browns Second Half Thread

Jets dig themselves a hole against a winless Browns team.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The first half saw the Jets fall behind early as they could not stop anything in the Browns' opening drive.  Not much changed for the Jets defense during the rest of the half as the Jets had no answers for Terrelle Pryor, Duke Johnson and Gary Barnidge.

The Browns picked on Darrelle Revis repeatedly.  There is no nice way to say this: Terrelle Pryor destroyed Darrelle Revis. The Browns took whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it in that matchup.

On offense the Jets got a little something going in the running game, as Bilal Powell scored on an electric 35 yard touchdown run, sprung by a great block by Brandon Marshall.  The passing game, however, was once again inept.  Fitzpatrick completed just 3 of 14 passes for a pathetic 30 yards.  His receivers did him no favors with multiple drops.

The second half presents the unappealing prospect of Ryan Fitzpatrick trying to engineer a comeback from a double digit deficit in bad weather on the road.   Do you hear that?  That's the sound of Fitzpatrick turnovers marshaling themselves for an assault.

Unless this team somehow manages a big second half comeback there will be no justification for continuing with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm.  If it happens, losing to the hapless Browns and falling to 2-6 should begin the process of spending the second half of the season in full evaluation mode.

Leave your second half thoughts below, if you can stand to continue to watch the atrocity being put forth by your Jets. Please do not ask for or provide links to illegal broadcasts of the game over the internet.