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Jets Week 4 Anti-Game Ball: Calvin Pryor

Seattle Seahawks v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets lost on Sunday, which means we are required to give out an anti-game ball. As a reminder, there are two rules for giving out the anti-game ball. Whenever possible, we look to avoid giving it to the quarterback and/or repeat winners.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Week 3 recipient, certainly did not play a good game, but his errors happened after the team was already behind. It was the defense that put the Jets in position to lose the game so we must pick somebody from that unit.

I am going with Calvin Pryor. Maybe it is just a slump. Maybe he is playing through an injury. Maybe it is just random. His play just has not been up to par in the early going this season. He looks distressingly like the struggling rookie we saw in 2014 rather than the glue guy holding the defense together at the back end like he was last year.

This game featured Pryor taking bad angles, getting himself penalized, and at the center of a big blown coverage.

Pryor gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?