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Jets' Best Defensive Linemen Play Almost Entire Game: Jets vs. Seahawks Defensive Snap Totals

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have three high end defensive linemen in Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Leonard Williams. The trio of 300 pounders almost never came off the field in the loss to Seattle on Sunday. Wilkerson and Richardson both saw 97% of the snaps while Williams was in for 93%.

In other notable developments, rookie Juston Burris played 18 snaps in place of an injured Darrelle Revis.

With Erin Henderson back in the mix, rookie linebacker Darron Lee saw his snap total go down. Lee played the full game against Kansas City with Henderson hurt. Against Seattle, however, Lee's total was cut to 34, which is 57% of the plays. Henderson was in the game for the other 26.

Rookie linebacker Jordan Jenkins was in the game for 21 snaps, just over one-third of the plays on defense. Deon Simon played on 17 downs.

The full defensive snap totals for the Jets are below.

D Harris LB 60 100%
M Gilchrist FS 60 100%
M Wilkerson DE 58 97%
S Richardson DT 58 97%
L Williams DE 56 93%
M Williams CB 49 82%
C Pryor SS 48 80%
S McLendon NT 47 78%
B Skrine CB 45 75%
D Revis CB 39 65%
D Lee LB 34 57%
E Henderson LB 26 43%
J Jenkins LB 21 35%
J Burris CB 18 30%
D Simon NT 17 28%
R Miles SS 11 18%
J Jenkins DE 7 12%
L Mauldin LB 6 10%