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Bilal Powell Sees More Playing Time Than Matt Forte: Jets vs. Seahawks Offensive Snap Totals

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Early in the season, an emerging theme for the Jets was the team was relying heavily on Matt Forte out of the backfield at the expense of playing time for Bilal Powell. Perhaps we saw the beginning of a shift on Sunday. Powell played in 37 snaps while Forte only played 34.

While Forte did get more touches, Powell's share of the workload increased. Forte had 16 total touches from scrimmage, while Powell had 10. Forte did get 14 carries to just 4 for Powell, but Powell's 6 receptions indicated he was an important part of the offensive attack for the Jets against Seattle. Only time will tell how much more the Jets integrate Powell into the offense, but it was clear the rate at which the Jets were using Forte was going to have to go down at some point, presumably sooner rather than later.

Below are the full offensive snap totals for the Jets against Seattle.

R Clady T 71 100%
J Carpenter G 71 100%
N Mangold C 71 100%
R Fitzpatrick QB 71 100%
Q Enunwa WR 67 94%
B Qvale T 64 90%
B Marshall WR 63 89%
R Anderson WR 62 87%
B Ijalana T 52 73%
C Peake WR 44 62%
B Powell RB 37 52%
M Forte RB 34 48%
B Winters G 26 37%
K Davis TE 23 32%
B Bowman TE 14 20%
B Bostick TE 10 14%
J Ross WR 1 1%