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GGN Film Review: D Finally Shows, Offense Does Enough

The Jets offense scored three touchdowns, two through the air where the QB didn’t have to do much. On defense, two huge interceptions keyed the victory.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Quincy Enunwa may be a star in the making everyone. He deserves all the credit here, not just for the speed that he flashed but he created the gap in the zone by selling an in route to give Geno the lane.

The Jets lined up with four wide, with trips to the right of Geno. The outside WR runs a deep route while the slot runs a simple out route. Enunwa sells an in route but its more of a squat in, where he stops in the hole of the zone. On the other side, it’s pretty much the same, a medium length slant/post route and a safety valve from the running back.

It took me awhile to figure out the defense the Ravens played, but odds are it’s 4 deep, with three underneath zone coverage. I’m 100 percent certain it’s zone but couldn’t figure out if it was a 3 or 4 deep zone. Either way the hole is there.

Two things happen to make this play huge. The two defenders bite hard inside expecting Enunwa to turn it straight upfield rather than swing it a bit. Second Brandon Marshall shows some veteran moves here getting the downfield block to spring the big gain.

Enunwa swings outside, while Marshall seals the man on him. That creates the lane down the sideline which Quincy goes for the score.

On Sunday, I said it was all Enunwa, with Geno only getting credit for actually hitting him with the pass. I don’t change much about that play other than highlight Marshall getting the big block downfield.

Let’s keep the good vibes going with Forte on the screen. Fitz gets like 1% of the credit as was similar to Geno. He made the pass, which is about all you can say. Forte and two key blocks got this one into the end zone.

Jets lined up with three wide, two right with one left in the slot. It’s a simple screen with Forte chipping the edge and running out. Nothing much to it.

The defense is in cover two man. The man assigned to Forte completely blows it, thinking Forte will run an out route. Forte instead plants and turns around for the screen.

That sets up this image with Forte with the ball, his defender taking himself out the play with a block coming his way and credit to James Carpenter for getting himself downfield and sealing the safety just enough to let Forte get in.

Sometimes other teams make mistakes. This is pretty much the opposite of what we’ve seen lately with the Jets making little errors and other teams taking advantage. Nice to see roles reversed.

On defense, the Jets came down with two big picks. Let’s take a look at the first. Skrine plays this perfectly.

Ravens line up with a bunch formation right, with a single flanker to the left. The left flanker runs a post-corner route, while the right does something similar (may be more out than corner route). Underneath, one guy chips and is the safety valve while the other bunch WR runs a middle stop route.

The Jets have 4 deep with 3 underneath. Skrine never lets his WR get free and undercuts the route perfectly. It’s a great call for the down and distance. Other than Revis, every route is blanketed. To be fair to Revis, he was in solid shape the whole way and closed the gap you see quickly.

Simply put, the offense tried to pick on Skrine here and he made them pay.

Let’s also highlight Revis on this play. Talk about a blanket coverage, even if the pass wasn’t sailed over the head into Gilchrist’s arms, I’m not sure how this gets complete.

Ravens lined up again with a bunch formation to the right with a sole flanker left. The Ravens run a deep post route on Revis’ side, with an inside release deep in route to the other. The other bunch man whose not blocking runs a simple shallow cross.

Jets are in cover one man coverage. Revis is playing well off at the line but the second the WR crosses he’s dead on him. Meanwhile Gilchrist is reading the quarterback and seeing him to check to the post route and off of the inside release.

Gilchrist checked off the first route and flies over to the deep post route. Simply put, the Jets play this perfectly. The coverage across the board is solid, the pressure gets to Flacco causing a high release and an easy pick for the defense.

Credit to Revis, Gilchrist, and the pressure up front for causing a turnover.

Forte had an interesting day. A touchdown off a screen, another big catch and run, but then nearly gives the ball away (once again B. Marsh making another heads up play). This play gives him his second TD of the game.

Jets had a jumbo set in. It’s a basic off tackle where the backside from center down cuts and the right side of the line is charged with either getting the man in front or a double team.

Credit the Jets O line, they did not give an inch. Watching the tape it was almost academic with regards to the blocking. The TE masquerading as a fullback has the seal block.

Remember the image last week of the gaping hole the Jets gave up? This one is just as big and credit to the O-line and I believe Bostic for making the seal block. Forte gets in without too much hassle.

What a difference a week makes, where the Jets don’t turn it over, but instead cause two of their own and get three really nice scores in a variety of ways.