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What Does The Future Hold For Geno Smith?

Geno was dealt a cruel blow this weekend, tearing his ACL and being ruled out for the rest of the season.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith has been a target for a lot of abuse over the years from fans, media and one particular teammate. However after being demoted to back-up duty he was thrust back into the starting line-up this past weekend. Unfortunately that didn't end too well. After being sacked, Geno was escorted to the locker room and ruled out for the rest of the game. It wasn't thought to be serious, and initially there was hope that he could start against Cleveland this Sunday.

Between Geno being ruled out on Sunday and his MRI being revealed Monday, his toughness was called into question by Joe Namath and several fans. Only for it to be revealed that Geno has suffered a torn ACL and his season was over.

For the Jets, it's time to move forward with Ryan Fitzpatrick... at least for now. With Bryce Petty only having two weeks of full practice under his belt, it simply wasn't plausible to consider him an option at the QB position. Ryan played himself out of the starting role, only for a slice of bad luck to propel him back into it.

However what of Geno Smith? Where does the former West Virginia standout go from here?

Geno signed a four year contract with the Jets back in 2013. Which means he's likely played his final game for the New York Jets. Following the conclusion of the 2016 NFL league year, he will become a free agent, free to sign with the team of his choice. It's extremely unlikely that he'd return to the Jets, and lets be honest... it's probably best that he doesn't.

Geno never recovered from his shaky start. Truth be told, he shouldn't have been playing. He wasn't ready, just like Petty wasn't ready in 2015 and just like Christian Hackenberg isn't ready in 2016.

However we're now 4 years down the line and Geno's career stat line doesn't make attractive reading:

33 games played (30 starts). 57.9% completion, 5,962 yards, 28 touchdowns to 36 interceptions. 7 rushing TDs.

Not incredible by any means, but not exactly a horror show of epic proportions.

In his rookie 2013 season he was throwing the ball to Santonio Holmes, Saalim Hakim, Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson and Greg Salas. That's a tough supporting cast for a veteran, let alone a rookie trying to make his way in the league.

Despite an improved year in 2014, Geno just never looked comfortable. The damage had been done and it was a hole he couldn't dig himself out of. His maturity was often questioned, a conversation that I largely thought was overhyped by many in the media, especially by a certain writer who showed an obvious and clear personal vendetta against Geno from the start.

I'm not saying that Geno was a saint, but he was a young man thrust into the spotlight before he was ready. Some players can handle it -- Dak Prescott comes to mind straight away -- some players can't. Although Dak does benefit from playing behind the best offensive line in the game.

Now Geno faces the tough task of likely finding a new team while trying to rehab a serious knee injury. He's got some starting experience, so he'll draw interest. If Derek Anderson can still find a job in this league, the 26 year old Geno Smith shouldn't have a problem.

In terms of his legacy, he'll likely go down as another draft mistake for the New York Jets. However look at the top QB's taken in the 2013 draft; it was hardly a deep talent pool.

QB's taken in the 2013 NFL draft

E.J Manuel (1st round, #15 overall) - Bills back-up

Mike Glennon (3rd round, #73 overall) - Buccaneers back-up

Matt Barkley (4th round, #98 overall) - Bears 3rd string QB

Ryan Nassib ( 4th round, #110 overall) - Giants back-up

Tyler Wilson (4th round, #112 overall) - Free agent

Landry Jones (4th round, #115 overall) - Steelers back-up

Now that's a tough list to look at.

The Jets will continue to search for their quarterback of the future and Geno Smith will look to find a new home. Unless the Jets really surprise everyone and sign Geno long term, although the chances of that are extremely slim.