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Jets Podcast 44: All About The QB’s

sp0rtsfan86 goes through what we saw last week, what will happen this week and what the Jets should do in this edition of the podcast.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets QB situation took a big and strange turn when Geno Smith was injured. Now it looks like the Jets are going back to Ryan Fitzpatrick although some fans are calling for Bryce Petty to make his first start.

I’ll discuss everything from last week’s game, to this week upcoming and of course talk all about the position that continues to plague the Jets.

Our podcast is Locked on Jets. This show is available on iTunes and Audioboom so please subscribe and give it good ratings if you enjoy it.

Just a programming note: I (Sp0rtsfan86) will be filling in for John B for a little while and I’ll do my best to continue to have 4-5 days worth of podcasts and keep the same quality John B has every day. I hope you enjoy.