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Joe Namath Wrong To Question Geno's Injury

Former Jets QB Joe Namath questioned Geno Smith's toughness following his knee injury. Personally, I think that was very wrong.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We all saw what happened yesterday. Geno was starting in place of the ineffective Ryan Fitzpatrick. After losing his job 14 months ago thanks to a firm right hook by then teammate Ik Enemkpali, he finally had the chance to stake a claim on the starting spot, and if little else...showcase his ability before hitting free agency.

Unfortunately that's where life happened. Geno after getting off to a solid if unspectacular start held the ball too long and was sacked, hurting his knee in the process. He left to get it checked out and was ruled out for the rest of the game. He returned to the sideline to be with his teammates for the second half.

Jets Super Bowl winning QB Joe Namth, didn't understand Geno being out there and questioned the injury and by default Geno's toughness.

Personally. This is where Joe Namath's outspoken nature frustrates me. According to multiple reports, Geno was begging to get back in the game, but the team doctors refused. He'll be going through an MRI today to see the extent of the damage. If he is able to play next week, then he should. He did nothing to lose the job, and Fitzpatrick did nothing to win the job.

However standing on the sideline and cutting and turning and with this offensive line...running (a lot) are significantly different things. If the doctors say no, then it's a no. Joe played in a different era, when you'd trot out there with a broken ankle. You can romanticize it as much as you like, but that's not the NFL in 2016.

Geno tweeted a response to Joe referencing his comments. I know criticising Geno is a popular virtual profession, but this time, Joe is wrong.