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Seahawks vs. Jets Recap

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are 1-3. Seattle beat New York today at the Meadowlands 27-17.

Joining me to recap it on our podcast are Nick (sp0rtsfan86) and MacGregor (Smackdad). We talk about the bad performance on defense, the coaching issues on the team, the quarterback problems, and the bleak near future of the team. Next week is a road game at Pittsburgh. A trip to Arizona follows after that. This thing could get worse before it gets better.

We do this podcast five days a week from Monday through Friday (although our Monday show is typically a game recap that gets released on Sunday afternoon or evening as this one is). It is called the Locked on Jets podcast. You can listen to it on both iTunes and Audiboom. Please subscribe and give it good ratings. (As always, remember you are rating the quality of the podcast, not the quality of the Jets' play.)