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Jets Say "Why The Heck Not," Name Geno Smith Starter

Wishes have been granted

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to The Schef, the Jets are doing what most of the fan base has clamored for, and named Geno Smith the starting QB for next week's game against the Ravens.

At 1-5, the odds of the Jets make the postseason are incredibly slim, especially with 2 games against the Patriots still on the calendar. It could be said that these last 10 games are evaluation time, of Geno or the other young QBs, increasing snaps for young players, and seeing who belongs on the roster for 2017.

I'm well on record with my thoughts about Geno Smith, but perhaps a new QB with a new skill set will bring a new energy and spark something. Or maybe not. Who knows. But at this point, with Fitzpatrick arguably the worst QB in the league... why the heck not?