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Todd Bowles Leaves Open the Possibility of a Quarterback Change

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In the immediate aftermath of Monday’s loss to Arizona, Jets head coach Todd Bowles named Ryan Fitzpatrick the team’s starting quarterback for this weekend’s game against Baltimore. Today he seemed to leave the door open for a possible change.

On Smith’s performance against the Cardinals and whether he’s sticking with Fitzpatrick moving forward…

First of all, after the game that’s always going to be status quo because I’m never going to tell the media anything before I meet with my coaches and my GM and the rest of the staff. So, everything is status quo until we have our meeting on Monday evening. But he did show some promise when he was in there. He understood the game plan. He did good for the drive he was in there (for).

On if it’s possible that Smith will be named the starter against Baltimore following the meeting tonight…

We’re going to talk about more than that, but there is a possibility every week that there will be some changes made player-wise.

On if he’s revisited the idea of Smith starting in his own mind…

I did and when I discuss it with the staff, when they know, then everybody else will know. If I decide to make a move, they’ll know tomorrow.

Stay tuned I guess.