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Bruce Carter Sees Most Playing Time in Place of David Harris: Jets Defensive Snap Totals vs. Cardinals

Norm Hall/Getty Images

David Harris sat out last night's loss to the Cardinals. Veteran linebacker Bruce Carter saw the most snaps in his place for the Jets. Carter was in for 59 snaps, which means he was on the field 77% of the time the Jets were on defense. By comparison, Erin Henderson got 53 snaps, and Darron Lee got 40. Lee did leave the game with an apparent ankle injury in the second half so that likely contributed to some extent.

In other news, rookie Jordan Jenkins saw the field for 35 snaps, which was a shade under half the snaps.

Full snap totals for the Jets on defense are listed below.

M Gilchrist FS 77 100%
D Revis CB 77 100%
M Wilkerson DE 72 94%
L Williams DE 68 88%
C Pryor SS 65 84%
S Richardson DT 64 83%
B Carter LB 59 77%
B Skrine CB 58 75%
E Henderson LB 53 69%
M Williams CB 52 68%
S McLendon NT 50 65%
D Lee LB 40 52%
J Jenkins LB 35 45%
J Jenkins DE 17 22%
D Simon NT 15 19%
M Catapano LB 13 17%
L Mauldin LB 13 17%
R Miles SS 9 12%
D Roberts CB 9 12%
A Allen FS 1 1%