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Ben Ijalana Gets Three Quarters of the Snaps: Jets vs. Cardinals Offensive Snap Totals

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It seems like the Jets might be coming closer to a resolution of their right tackle situation. Ben Ijalana got significantly more playing time than Brent Qvale in the loss to the Cardinals. This might end up being a moot point as Breno Giacomini is eligible to come off the PUP list after the game. It is unclear whether the Jets will active Giacomini immediately or how quickly he will be ready to play. The team has a few weeks to make a decision as to whether they should activate him for ractice and to put him onto the roster. It does seems like playing time might be moving in Ijalana's direction in the event Giacomini is not ready to go immediately.

In other notable happenings, Robby Anderson did not come off the field once in this game.

Full offensive snap totals for the Jets in the loss to the Cardinals are posted below.

R Clady T 54 100%
B Winters G 54 100%
R Anderson WR 54 100%
N Mangold C 54 100%
J Carpenter G 53 98%
B Marshall WR 53 98%
Q Enunwa WR 50 93%
R Fitzpatrick QB 45 83%
B Ijalana T 41 76%
B Powell RB 39 72%
C Peake WR 29 54%
M Forte RB 21 39%
B Qvale T 13 24%
B Bostick TE 9 17%
K Davis TE 9 17%
G Smith QB 9 17%
J Marshall WR 6 11%
D Dozier G 1 2%