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Jets vs. Cardinals Second Half Thread

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets trail the Cardinals 14-3 at halftime of Monday Night Football.

Like much of 2016, it has not looked pretty for the Jets. The defense hasn’t played very well. They gave up a long touchdown run right at the start and another Arizona touchdown drive.

Although the defense has been shaky, the offense has simply been worse. The Jets only had 3 points and 5 first downs in the first half. It is to the point where you have to wonder whether the team will make a quarterback change at halftime. Heck, if there is no change, you would have to wonder why not. Something has to give with this team and soon.

Leave your second half thoughts below. This game is nationally televised on ESPN. The game is also being streamed legally online on your computer and many mobile devices by using Watch ESPN’s website and app.

The Jets get it to start the second half. We will see whether they can turn it around.