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Second Look at the Jets' Loss to the Steelers

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are now 1-4. Nick (sp0rtsfan86) has reviewed the film, and he joined me on the podcast to talk about what happened. You have to give Nick credit for sitting through these games a second time each week.

The thing about the Jets these days is they aren't getting good play from either the offense or the defense. There is plenty of time to talk about what is going wrong for both units so we discuss them and then make some time to talk about whether the Jets should make the change to Geno Smith.

This podcast is called Locked on Jets. It is available on GGN, iTunes, and Audioboom. You can subscribe to it. You can  give it good reviews. You can do both. That would be my recommendation. You can hear the show Monday through Friday to get discussion on the Jets. Please give the show a listen.