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NY Jets: Four Thoughts on the State of the Team After the Loss to the Steelers

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Things are not good right now with the New York Jets. The team is 1-4. That paints a bleak picture for the immediate future. The odds of making the Playoffs after a 1-4 start are quite low.

On today's podcast, I give you four thoughts on the state of the team in the present and the future. I will tell you why much of the fear of the team having a tight cap situation after the season was misplaced. In an odd way, a tight cap situation would be a good thing. I'll explain why. I also will explain the thing that concerns me about the team in the big picture that nobody is talking about. I will discuss some early concerns over the way the team valued Christian Hackenberg, and what Todd Bowles needs to do to get better.

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